Storbötet II

Storbötet II project is being planned with 18 wind turbines in Uusikaarlepyy city.

Storbötet I project area is located in Vörå municipality next to Storbötet II project area.

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Storbötet Ii Master Plan

Short Facts

- Municipality: Uusikaarlepyy

- Number of WTGs: 18

- Total height: 250 m

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Storbötet Ii Master Plan

Storbötet Ii

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Land use plan proposal approved by Nykarleby city council


Nykarleby city council approved Storbötet II land use plan proposal August 29, 2019. Land use plan allows to construct 18 wind turbines in the planned area. Land use plan proposal has been appealed to Vaasa Administrative Court.

The land use plan proposal for Storbötet-Nykarleby


Land use plan proposal for Storbötet-Nykarleby is up for public viewing from 30.112018 to 04.01.2019. The land use plan proposal can be found at the city notice board, at the Office of Nykarleby city building department and on the Nykarleby’s home page.