Kattiharju project is located in Isokyrö municipality and consist of 14 wind turbines. Land use plan proposal was approved by municipality counsil in 30.11.2017. Land use plan is now legally in force.

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Kattiharju Master Plan


- Municipality: Isokyrö

- Number of WTGs: 14

- Total height: 230 m

Download land use plan

Kattiharju Land Use Plan


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Building permits for 11 wind turbines in Kattiharju are now legally in force


On 23.05.2022 the municipality of Isokyrö granted building permits for fourteen wind turbines, of which eleven building permit are now legally in force. An appeal has been made to the administrative court about the building permits for three wind turbines.

Environmental permit for the Kattiharju wind farm


On 09.08.2022 the municipality of Isokyrö granted an environmental permit to the Kattiharju wind farm.

Building permits for 14 wind turbines in Kattiharju


On 23.05.2022 the Isokyrö municipality granted building permits for fourteen wind turbines. The building permits are not legally in force.

Building permits for five wind turbines in Kattiharju legally in force


On 07.09.2021 the Isokyrö municipality granted building permits for five wind turbines. The building permits are legally in force.

Kattiharju land use plan is legally in force


On 22.10.2020, the Supreme Administrative Court rejected the application for leave to appeal for the land use plan. The land use plan of Kattiharju is legally in force.

Administrative Court has rejected the appeal against Kattiharju land use plan


Vaasa Administrative Court has rejected 17.4.2020 the appeal against Kattiharju land use plan. Decision is not yet legally in force.

Land use plan proposal has been appealed to Administrative Court


Kattiharju wind park land use plan proposal approved by Isokyrö municipal council in November 30, 2017 has been appealed to Vaasa Administrative Court.

Land use plan proposal approved by the Isokyrö municipal council


Isokyrö municipal council approved Kattiharju land use plan proposal March 30, 2017. Partial master plan allows to construct 14 wind turbine in the planned area.

Land use plan proposal for project Kattiharju published


Land use plan proposal of project Kattiharju has been published for the public. Land use plan proposal with respective material is available during June 19, 2017 to August 11, 2017 at municipality webpages, municipality public library (Kyröntie 15, 61500 Isokyrö) and municipality office (Pohjankyröntie 136, 61500 Isokyrö) during the their opening hours.

Planning of the project Kattiharju continues with 14 wind turbines


The planned number of wind turbines in project Kattiharju have been reduced and the continued planning is now focused on the location in Isokyrö municipality, where 14 wind turbines are being planned. The land use planning process for the part of the planned wind park that was situated in Laihia municipality has been terminated.