PROKON Wind Energy Finland Oy

PROKON Wind Energy Finland Oy plans, develops and builds its own wind farms. The Vaasa based company founded in 2011 is part of the German Prokon Group which has been actively involved in wind energy since 1995. Prokon has successfully developed, financed and realized 392 wind turbines in 68 wind farms in Germany, Poland and Finland. The overall capacity of Prokon owned wind farms is 786 MW.

In Finland, Prokon is developing several wind farms of which the first one, Hedet is currently under in production.

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Project Developement
PROKON Wind Energy Finland Oy
Pitkäkatu 34 B
65100 Vaasa

Prokon in Germany

Prokon is one of the leading companies in Germany in the field of project development and operation of wind farms. Since 2013, Prokon is also acting as an electricity relailer for end consumers. In addition to Prokon headquarters in Itzehoe, located close to Hamburg, Prokon has offices in Potsdam, Mainz, Vaasa (Finland) and Gdansk (Poland). Several service hubs, close to Prokon's wind farms are responsible for the maintenance and the high technical availibility of the turbines.