Taikkoneva project is located in Siikalatva municipality and consist of 40 wind turbines.

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Marja Meriluoto
Project Development
Project manager
PROKON Wind Energy Finland Oy
Pitkäkatu 34 B
65100 Vaasa
Taikkoneva Map


- Municipality: Siikalatva

- Number of WTGs: 40

- Total height: 300 m

EIA and LUP plan for contribution for Taikkoneva to be available for viewing


The Taikkoneva wind farm's Environmental Impact Assessment Program (EIA) and the plan for contribution of the land use plan (LUP) of the wind farm will be made available for viewing between February 22 and March 24, 2023.

The material of the environmental impact assessment procedure (EIA) can be found on the ELY Center's website at https://www.ymparisto.fi/taikkonevantuulivoimaYVA

The Taikkoneva project is progressing


The Finnish Defense Forces have given a favorable opinion on the project on the 16th of March 2022 . The next step is to draw up an EIA program, which is a plan for carrying out the necessary studies and organizing an assessment procedure to assess the environmental impact of the project.