1. July 2020

81 MW Prokon wind farm “Hedet” now fully operational

As of today, the wind farm Hedet in Finland will supply Google-owned engineering service provider Tuike Finland with green electricity. As part the Power Purchase Agreement (PPA) signed in 2018, all 81 Megawatt produced by the turbines will be delivered exclusively to the subsidiary of Google LLC. The construction phase of all 18 wind turbines of the wind park was successfully administered by German energy cooperative Prokon and French renewable energy producer Neoen.

With the last turbine erected as early as December 2019, all necessary tests on the 18 Nordex N-149/4.0-4.5 turbines have since been completed and the wind farm is now officially up and running. The wind park owned by Prokon and Neoen is the first of three projects in Finland owned by the duo to enter its production phase.

“Concluding the construction stage for the first of our projects in Finland is a significant step for us“, states Head of Prokon Finland Michael Sandberg. “Having fully operational wind turbines lifts our overall activities in Finland to a new level. It proves that we are able to successfully achieve the ambitious goals we set out to reach.“

The successful realization of this project marks an important milestone in the continuing efforts of Prokon in Finland. It leads the way for number of projects planned by the cooperative, which are due for construction in the coming years. Less than a year ago, Prokon and Neoen announced a similar project near Mutkalampi, about 200 km northeast from Hedet, , which is scheduled to start construction in 2021. Several additional projects in Finland are advancing steadily and will be ready for construction in the coming years. With the addition of the 18 new turbines in Hedet, Prokon can now claim to have developed and built almost 400 wind turbines in three countries over the course of its 25 years in business.