Project Mutkalampi is being planned with 76 wind turbines at the border area of three municipalities. Land use plan and building permits in Kalajoki, Kannus and Kokkola municipality for 76 wind turbines are in legal force.

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Mutkalampi Master Plan


- Municipality: Kannus, Kalajoki, Kokkola

- Number of WTGs: 76

- Total height: 220 m

Download land use plan

Mutkalampi Land Use Plan


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Land use plan proposal in Kalajoki Mökkiperä – Pahkamaa area has gain legal force


The Administrative Court of Northern Ostrobothnia has rejected all appeals against Mökkiperä – Pahkamaa Land use plan in Kalajoki. Building permit ban in Mökkiperä-Pahkamaa area in Kalajoki has been lifted.

Building permits for all 76 wind turbines have gained legal force


Building permits for all 76 wind turbines in Mutkalampi wind farm are in force after the 31 building permits in Mökkiperä-Pahkamaa area in Kalajoki gained legal force April 14, 2017. The building permits in Mökkiperä-Pahkamaa are restricted untill the land use plan gain legal force.

Legally valid building permits in Kannus


The wind park project Mutkalampi consisting of 44 turbine located in Kannus municipality has gained legally valid building permits on December 22, 2016.

Land use plan in Kokkola for Mutkalampi wind park in force


Mutkalampi wind park project has reached an important milestone on March 9, 2016 when the land use plan in Kokkola came into force.